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CASATEQ Holdings Ltd

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  • Langley
  • SL3 7RR
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We are a group of highly successful professionals with diverse backgrounds, who have formed CASATEQ Holdings Ltd with a vision, to provide world-leading Consultancy and Technology services across diverse Sectors and Industries. Our group of consultants led by some of the best minds in the industry has successfully provided strategic and value-add services for multiple large organisations globally. We truly understand and embrace the advances happening in the technology space globally and have been experts in the fields of DevOps, Extreme Computing, and Self-Learning Automation.

Our Perspective

Organisations globally are embarking on driving transformation and innovation in their business processes and IT systems, to meet and exceed the expectations of the end-customers. The business models as-a-whole are being re-imagined to bring in disruptive and unique propositions with focus on both customer retention and new customer acquisition. What were considered as good to have / value-add services earlier are quickly becoming the implicit needs of Gen-Y customers (e.g. Mobile enabled and Social Media connected)

We see that currently, the gap between what end-customers want and what is being delivered is rapidly growing and creating significant detriments for end-customers who are demanding greater control and ease; faster, cheaper and enhanced services with increased security.

What we do

We enable and hand-hold our customers on all their journeys towards improving customer experience and providing innovative services and products. Our core expertise lies, in optimising and reducing the costs in running-the-business and in identifying and creating differentiated value-add services across value chain, in changing-the-business

We help our customers:

  • Execute the run-the-business activities
  • Optimise, Rationalise and Transform the complex & legacy business processes to adapt to the fast (and continually) changing end-customer needs
  • Re-architect the systems and processes to be scalable, repeatable, extendable and agile
  • Bring in innovative and disruptive solutions, to increase and sustain the market share

We strongly believe that each of our customer needs is unique that need bespoke solutions. We work with our customers across all the phases in the spectrum and enable them to create value-add propositions across user, customer and data journeys. We specialise in creating frameworks that enable one-touch automation and continual regression.

We firmly believe that Consultancy and Technology are inter-related and highly overlapping in nature. We have seen many large programmes and initiatives that have been unsuccessful as they did not realise this and either has strategised something that cannot be easily built or builts omething that is not per the strategy and end-customer expectations. The group of experts that we have wear both the Consultancy and Technology hats when conceptualising and designing the solutions, thereby eliminating key down-the-line issues.

Consultancy Services
  • Agile and DevOps Adoption
  • Tooling Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Business Process Management / Re-engineering
  • Business Transformation
  • Large Scale Migration
  • Crypto Currency Consultancy
  • Payments Strategy
  • Blockchain Consultancy

Management Services
  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Control and Risk Management
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Onsite Offshore Delivery Models
  • Offshore Delivery Services
  • Sourcing Services
  • Vendor Management

IT Solutions
  • Business Analysis
  • Architecture and Design
  • Code Development
  • Bespoke Tooling
  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Test Data Management
  • Environment Management
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Service Virtualisation
  • Portfolio Migration

Digital & Next-Gen Solutions
  • Bespoke Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Crypto Currency Solutions

Domain Solutions
  • Payment Card Solutions
  • Merchant/ Acquiring Solutions
  • Scheme (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX) Solutions
  • Aggregator Solutions
  • Payment Solutions

Angel Investing

We strongly believe that innovation and disruption are the keys to succeed in this modern day world. We are open to business ideas from upcoming entrepreneurs and are open to Angel Investing if we believe the idea has potential and is achievable by the team bringing the idea forward.

Our team members
Aditya Roy


Papiya Paul