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  • Fountain House
  • The Boulevard
  • London
  • SW6 2TQ
  • 0203 7139 396


Cosmonauts Ltd. is a London-based B2B Business Development Advisory & Bespoke Corporate Events Company.

Well-spoken, creative and skilled team of young business development professionals with sustainable experience in building successful B2B sales operations.

We have proven track record across various of industries including, but not limited to Professional Consultancies, Software Companies, Technology Vendors, Legal & IP Firms, Corporate Conferences & Exhibitions.

How are we different?

Our team has blended successfully unique consultative approach, standardised sales practices and progressive technology solutions resulting consistent increase in revenue for our clients.

Advisory and Support

Our organisation goes beyond the traditional advisory services, offering marketing and business development support and strategy precisely tailored to your industry of operation and directly linking you with your targeted market. How? We will be directly embedded in your sales and marketing department. We will support you in building a top tier business development operation, whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency and generating direct economic growth.


We offer small and large-scale event organisation. Whether you like to be the brand owner of the new flagship event within your industry or organise a smaller industry gathering to drive awareness and create opportunity for new business- we are the professionals for the job. From production, through day-to-day organisation, to speakers and attendee recruitment. All in one package, all done by professionals with sustainable experience in the sector.

Pro-Bono Programme

We support public and private social impact projects on pro-bono basis. Our team will support your organisation to raise funds and improve your marketing and business development efforts to increase revenues for further development of those critical solutions.

Our team members
Timo Karakashev

Managing Director

George Yankov

Managing Consultant and Head of Client Relations