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Increase Your Opportunities for Client Engagement

As a Business Advisor your key challenges are likely to be client engagement, client retention and building long term value.

The Enquir3 Programme has been developed to provide a wealth of consulting opportunities which would readily 'add on' to your existing services.

Following a structured implementation programme your clients would become 'Referral Ready' and develop a trusted network of 'Referral Partners'.

Whilst the Enquir3 approach will work with any business the optimum implementation would be achieved in the following scenario:

  • Business to Business
  • Repeat purchase relationship
  • Professional Services Provider
  • Large average client value
  • Substantial client base
  • Desire to develop the business

  • Manage Referral Partnerships
  • Client Engagement Audit
  • Client Satisfaction Interviews
  • Client Engagement Content
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Improvement Programme
  • Consultant Mentoring
  • Consultant Training and Support

Our team members
Ray Watson

Marketing & Sales

Steve Darnell

Business Process Improvement

Daniel Plowright

Marketing & Sales