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Nu-Hi is not your average digital agency. We take a rigorously scientific approach to growing digital businesses by optimising traffic, increasing conversion rates and building customer loyalty. It's the same growth methodology used by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay and Amazon.

We use a scientific methodology that guarantees the growth of your business. We test every change to prove that we have made a positive ROI.

We've grown profits for the world's most sophisticated brands, venture capital funds, and conversion agencies. Together, we've spent over 25 years optimising 64 digital businesses adding more than $365,000,000 to their bottom lines. (Yes, we keep score.)

We focus on the only areas of your business that matter

Digital agencies aren't worth their salt unless they grow your profits. That's why we focus our strategy on the only 3 activities that matter:

  1. Getting more of the right kind of visitors
  2. Converting more of them into customers
  3. Increasing the amount each customer spends

We don't sell time, fancy portfolios, or marketing fluff. Instead, we focus with laser-like intensity on these few cash-generating activities.

Getting more of the right kind of visitors.

Get maximum ROI from every click across every traffic channel

  • Attracting the right type of visitor is critical.
    Visitors are driven by a want, need or desire. It is essential to align and nurture this intent across the entire visitor experience.
  • With our conversion-focused traffic acquisition, we enhance your online presence and deliver highly targeted traffic, measured against your business goals.
  • We only target traffic that makes you money.
  • Many digital agencies are run by technicians who have never spent their own money on a single campaign. What's more, the typical PPC agency gets paid more when they increase the size of your account, whether the traffic converts or not.

We don't think this is a recipe for success.

  • Nu-Hi's strategies are laser-focused on results and conversions, run by entrepreneurial people who know the importance of making each visitor count.
  • Our team understands user behaviour, conversion and shopper psychology, which means we are uniquely positioned to increase your ROI from web traffic.
  • On top of that, our commercial framework incentivises not only volume but ROI too.

Converting more of them into customer

How conversion rate optimisation can significantly grow your business

How effective you are at turning web visitors into customers is critical. A higher conversion rate means you make more profit on every click you buy. This allows you to spend more on traffic, resulting in more traffic to your website. More traffic to your website means you can test and learn faster, and increase your conversion rate at a greater velocity.

This reinforces your economic advantage in the ad marketplace, allowing you to buy yet more traffic. Rinse, repeat...

Increasing the amount each customer spends.

How we help build lasting relationships with your best customers

Your most profitable visitors are those that have already purchased or have an existing relationship with you. The more profit you can make from existing customers the more you can invest in acquiring new customers or getting co-efficient referral programmes in place. We look to increase lifetime customer value and to create a product/market fit that makes your customers want to recommend you to family and friends. The key to business is to win new customers and then keep them for as long as possible by creating endless value.We use many techniques and tools to help you build long-term relationships with your customers.

How can you get started with Nu-Hi?

Imagine a treasure map showing the location of every untapped penny in your online business.

  • It spells out every usability roadblock.
  • It highlights every persuasion speed-bump.
  • It shows you exactly what's required to fix them.
  • It even tells you how much you stand to gain from each fix, so you do everything in the most profitable order.

That's what you get with a Nu-Hi Growth Road Map!
It's a 6-12 month roadmap of unique, profit-increasing enhancements for your online business, constructed scientifically from your web data and customer feedback. Your team can use it to guide your website optimisation strategy for large increases in conversion with very little risk.

You'll benefit if you're a CEO, Marketing Director or Head of E-commerce setting a strategy for guaranteed growth over the next 12 months. You'll especially benefit if you don't have a full-time data analyst guiding your online strategy.

Services, at a glance
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting
  • A/B Testing
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Business Analysis
  • Digital transformation
  • B2B e-commerce
  • B2C e-commerce

What do our clients say about Nu-Hi?

Does the methodology work?
We have increased revenue in the region of $365,000,000 for our clients using this methodology without increasing marketing spend. Because our methodology uses data, as opposed to opinion, the recommendations have a much higher probability of growing the business.

Much more successful in sales thanks to their efforts.
“We have very quickly achieved what we wanted — a website which converts many more of its visitors into customers. I would very definitely recommend Nu-Hi to others.”
Tricia Cusden - Founder & CEO Look Fabulous Forever

Their recommendations exceeded our expectations.
“After we'd taken delivery of the Growth Roadmap we discovered that we'd chosen the right company. We liked its comprehensiveness, but we also loved the easy takeaways. Nu-­Hi is a company others will thank me for recommending.”
Michael Rosenberg - CEO Plastic Place

Very valuable service, not only in CRO but on gathering insights.
“They are data-driven and professional experts in full service CRO, able to deliver results on agreed timings and proving their value.”
Pedro Garcia - Head of Ecommerce for Reckitt Benckiser -­ Durex

Our team members
Jamie Hands

Company Director - B2B / B2C Digital Marketing Specialist

Keith Scott

Digital Marketing & Growth Consultant