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Sofigate offers professional, flexible and cost-effective IT management services. Our strength lies within our unique service concept that combines 450 experts, best practices and tools to ensure IT delivers real business value.

We’re different in that that we collaborate with customers, contributors and key stakeholders to shape best practice, produce research-driven insights and share it across our community for the greater good of technology and business practices.

We are headquartered in Espoo, Finland with a large team of professionals across Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, and proudly listed as one of the 1000 companies to inspire Europe, by the London Stock Exchange.

We work across a range of industries, with clients ranging from national to multinational/global.


Strategy & Governance

We help our customers design IT management operations, organisations and processes to best profit their business. Our services are used, for example, to develop strategy (IT Operating Model), best practices (IT Standard for Business), business and IT capabilities (Enterprise Architecture) or competence (IT Academy) and to support organisational change situations. Managing and leading digitalisation is our expertise.

Sourcing & Supplier Management

Professionally managed sourcing processes are essential for ensuring success in large change and implementation projects. Latest industry knowledge helps tender processes and ensures best-fit services and contracts. We help our customers to plan 3rd generation IT services and to find the right partners to implement them.

Project & Development Management

Successful project management requires discipline with project portfolio management models and targets, but is best implemented with a mixture of agile methodologies. We compliment our project management best practices with tools such as Roundtable, which offers an online, facilitated decision-making environment especially suited for large global projects.

Service Management

IT services comprise up to 75% of IT management’s annual budget. Planning the IT service strategy and portfolio is a key success factor to enable business growth. Our solutions and tools for multi-vendor Service Integration and Management, IT service management processes and development as well as end user self-service help customers run IT services more efficiently.

IT Management Full Service

All the four service categories above can be combined into a full, comprehensive IT management service. We can take responsibility for all aspects of business-aligned IT management, working in close cooperation with the CFO or CEO of a customer company. Our strength lies in a network of 450 professionals and colleagues who compliment a team of dedicated experts as well as ready best practices and tools – our “In-a-Box” service.

Our team members