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  • George Court
  • Bartholomews Walk
  • Ely
  • CB7 4JW
  • 01353 362488


THIRTEEN is a new kind of agency - part strategic consultancy, part marketing agency. We help businesses make transformational leaps by using only senior consultants, hand-picked for your project. All of which means you get big agency expertise delivering measurable business impact, for a fraction of the cost you might expect.




If you can’t measure your digital strategy’s impact in real business terms, you’re not doing it properly. That’s why at THIRTEEN we believe in creating a digital strategy that has objectively measurable impact at its very core.

This might involve creating a new, state-of-the-art responsive website for you, optimised to interact seamlessly with the very latest digital devices.

But equally, it might be a new digital accounts and invoicing system. Not as sexy as a new website perhaps, but maybe just as vital for your business’s wellbeing.

We might recommend a top-to-bottom shake-up of your social media strategy so you can talk to your marketplace more cost-effectively.

Or help you rebuild the way you present your product portfolio online, so it reflects your customers’ needs, not your organisation’s internal set-up.

Whatever we do for you, we’ll make sure every activity has business analytics embedded at its core; so real ROI is measured from the moment you launch.

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