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TOPP Tactical Intelligence

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We are a consulting partnership devoted to offering a wide set of cost saving, risk reduction, and talent enrichment services to medium and large multinational organisations via the implementation of customised cloud-based software solutions.

Our solutions which we design together with our clients maximise the knowledge retention of your staff allowing you increased resiliency and readiness for change.  By ensuring that the core principles of Lean and operational excellence are at the centre of your digital transformation strategy, we offer a unique and effective way to continuously map the bottom-up business results achieved in the field with your top-down growth strategy.

Partnering with our consultants, you will be trained to use TTI software to cascade a vigorous continuous improvement culture to all levels of the organisation. In addition to the ongoing consulting services offered by our business professionals, TTI's web-based products are designed to offer reduced time spent on administration activities while maximising time dedicated to strategic problem solving, talent enrichment, knowledge retention and implementation of the business opportunities identified.

The purpose of the Partnership is twofold: Operational excellence software provider & change management leadership consulting services.

Prior to being software solution providers & IT consultants, we were operational leaders, business analysts, problem solvers, and change managers. Bringing our proof-of-concept tool sets which we used in the field and partnering with our innovative & creative product development team, we have since become solution designers and have articulated our business know-how into high-powered business automation.

We will impress you with our problem solving skill sets and creativity when transforming your requirements into effective, user-friendly business management solutions to help you achieve all your digital transformation goals and making sure you have the support you need every step of the way.

Our Products & Services

Strategy Execution (compass management)

We are pleased to offer our clients who are looking for better ways to cascade their corporate strategy to the middle and lower tiers of their organisations our innovative, one-of-a-kind, strategy management solution.    Built on the core principles of Hoshin Kanri, our solution offers your senior team a user-friendly, step-by-step, collaboration-based strategy roadmap which then gets broken into ‘bite-size’, ‘digestible’ business objectives for your middle management team who will ultimately map each objective with the KPIs agreed at the junior level.  In doing so, bottom-up business results can be easily mapped to the top-down objectives and reported with accuracy. A state-of-the-art solution for any organisation looking to put performance measurement as company-wide top priority.

Innovation management (Idea garden)
Innovation starts from listening to the voice of those who know your business best: your staff.
Capture, cultivate, and ACT on the ideas provided to you from your staff to Innovate from the bottom up by connecting your subject matter experts to your decision makers more effectively while offering a cross-departmental, best practice sharing, idea cultivation platform to ensure that your high-performers proactively find you when you need them most.
Utilise our top-down dashboard and garden of business improvement ideas to stimulate online brainstorming sessions and revisit with greater frequency the ideas that await cultivation to bring you to your next innovative adventure.

KPI optimisation
Identify KPIs and effectively and efficiently calibrate their change thresholds to ensure maximum, real-time transparency into your organisation's performance. Install alert notifications to trigger at specified deviation levels to inform and engage key parties in a timely manner.
Our solution offers a fresh methodology in KPI management due to its ability to allow users to identify and map processes to each KPI while offering management a wide variety of filters to quickly access process waste reduction opportunities that pose significant impact on KPI behaviour.

Risk and control self-assessment (RCSA)
First developed in a large financial services organisation to support a team who incurred a large loss due to a weak operational control, our solution will offer your organisation the flexibility to split risks into three multi-tiered categories (great for Basel II) and furthermore align each risk to your business processes. Using an RCSA (risk and control self-assessment) logic, your subject matter experts will have the opportunity to identify and assess the controls in place to mitigate each risk while using historical data of risk event occurrences to measure the probability and gravity of potential dangers. Finally, using our EASI opportunity whiteboard, your users will identify which opportunities exist to ELIMINATE, AUTOMATE, STANDARDISE, or IMPROVE existing controls while assessing the benefits that each opportunity brings the organisation.

Value stream mapping, RACI and waste elimination
Whether your business is overseeing a financial transaction trade settlements team in an offshore centre of excellence or measuring the process cycle times of orders in your sales pipeline, our solution offers 360° visibility into your business value chain and the wastes within. We will show you how to map critical business touch points, assess costs and benefits of continuous improvement business opportunities, and identify and communicate business wastes from inefficient hand offs found within to accelerate tactical waste reduction decision making.
First created in Italy in a multinational financial institution, this solution can offer your operations teams an ongoing annual savings of up to 25%

Process competency development
The lean six sigma skills matrix is now digital! Do away with the less-than-effective annual employee performance valuation and install a culture of performance based on the observations and real-time feedback of your team. Be more precise with objectives and use complementary skill sets to close knowledge gaps, promote internal collaboration and become more resilient to change. All of this with our quick & easy-to-use, Lean Six Sigma, competency manager.

Skill management
In recent years, 'corporate gamification' has become a popular topic amongst organisations seeking better ways to keep their staff motivated and in tune to the core professional, technical, and leadership skill sets necessary to manage growth and talent retention.
We are pleased to offer the market a simple yet effective interface allowing for teams responsible for talent management to better understand what skill sets are required within their company and ultimately communicate and manage the growth of each via a system of electronic endorsements. In doing so, your organisation will begin to build a company-wide data archive of all the skill sets available even as staff continue to relocate amongst the organisation. Through electronic rewards, an atmosphere of 'friendly competition will be created increasing performance amongst your staff. Furthermore, your strategic leaders will enjoy the benefit of keeping the know-how acquired over time in a simple to use, company-wide data bank allowing for accelerated decision making when engaging and relocating staff.

Operational readiness
Install a sense of urgency in ongoing housekeeping activity to ensure that the support tools necessary to carry out your day-to-day business processing are maintained sharp and readily available to your staff. Install a sense of ownership to ensure that process owners understand their duty in keeping support documentation up-to-date and that changes in processes are immediately reflected in the procedures and respective support documentation.
Go completely digital in cases where paper is no longer necessary and keep your document archive organised and stored on the cloud while ensuring maximum accessibility to your organisation to ensure that time is not lost in documentation retrieval and modification.

Change management
Our 5-phased Kanban project management board incorporate the 100+ years of our management team's 'experience in business transformation implementation and articulates a wide set of project management tools and reporting to ensure a robust & proven discipline in each phase of your project.

Identify task owners, milestones, and communicate roles and responsibilities via our project governance whiteboard while obtaining accurate cost & benefit assessments based on the feedback of your subject matter experts. Mobilise your resources by accelerating the buy-in phase with your management team and execute via the ongoing delivery of crisp information regarding expectations, roles and responsibilities, and risk escalation. Celebrate success in real time by ensuring all key contributions are communicated to the team via our original, integrated, and fun-to-use corporate news feed.

Cross-selling opportunity management & special service pricing
Client-centric organisations who put a strong focus on customer satisfaction often find themselves in situations where they are providing excessive value-add services which are not being accounted for properly or recognised by the organisation or the client themselves.
This dilemma can be better managed through our special service management solution which gives your team a structure to better identify and quantify the level of commitment dedicated to each client while measuring activities which could be considered 'extra' or 'nice-to-haves'. In doing so, you will effectively measure the price of doing business with each client as well as identify cross-selling opportunities for value-add services which previously weren't officially identified in your service offering.

Roles, responsibilities, and talent differentiator profiling
The management and communication of role profiling (job description) and the necessary skill sets of each is not only the role of your Human Resource business partner but also that of the operations team required to ensure that the candidate selected for the role is equipped with the necessary qualifications. Over time your staff will continue to grow with the roles they have been selected for as well as the role itself.
Our solution will offer your operational leaders an easy means to communicate and update (on a real-time basis) the required skill sets for each of the roles for which they are responsible for creating a more collaborative and effective communication with HR.

IT investment optimisation & cost-benefit management
Identify and evaluate at high confidence levels your portfolio of IT investment opportunities consisting of bugs, enhancements, decommission opportunities and issues caused by faulty wiring.

Our solution allows your organisation to maintain all IT supported products in a central data bank giving subject matter experts the opportunity to align their processes with the tool sets required to carry out day-to-day business.

Audit & ISO certification support
In response to the needs of our most recent clients, we have expanded our product line to include automated solutions aimed at assisting in the end-to-end administration of company auditing and ISO certification.
Although created predominantly by financial service professionals, this product is also extremely useful for small and medium size businesses engaged in manufacturing who would like to ensure a more proactive approach in staying up-to-date with modern business practices and standards.
This solution allows your audit team to schedule audits identifying key criteria and controls and track each on a team-by-team basis.

Continuous Improvement
In collaboration with our business partner Cerulean Infotech, we are pleased to announce the release of P.R.E.S.T.O., the cloud-based operational excellence business management enterprise solution offering functionality and discipline in the end-to-end management of continuous improvement activity regarding business process optimisation. For a mere 4 hours of monthly dedication, the solution offers a wide array of benefits offered to the organisational support strategy of IT, Human Resources, Risk & Compliance and Business Operations, through its business algorithm which installs a sense of ownership, sense of urgency, and a sense of purpose at all levels of the organisation ensuring that opportunities from best practice awareness and cross-departmental collaboration are made top priority.

Our team members
Andrew Lenti

Managing Director

Martin Higgs

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer

Vanni Fiorenti

Client Relationship Manager (EU)

Vivien Charrey

Client Relationship Manager (EU)

Stefan Zur

Board of Directors

Chris Williams-Lilley

Client Relationship Manager (EU)

Alessandro Ferrari

Risk & Legal Affairs

David Terry

Client Relationship Manager (EU)

Maurilio Savoldi

Business Process Management / Process Mining / Contract Professor

Tony Lau

Client Relationship Management (APAC)

Robin Hoke

Manufacturing Excellence & Client Relationship Management (US)

Junaed Kabir

Client Relationship Management (EU/US)