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Tardis UK Ltd

  • Unit 11A
  • Oakham Enterprise Office
  • Oakham
  • LE15 7TU
  • 0113 882 3190
  • 1 Aire Street
  • Leeds
  • Yorkshire
  • LS1 4PR


Tardis UK accelerates business’ by driving opportunities for high-performance. Using experience and know-how in freeing bottlenecks and its creative capability we work alongside companies from start to finish to strengthen key pillars and deliver meaningful improvements. Tardis keeps customers centric to strategy and planning so that a business is always forward facing. Our partnership extends to all stakeholders.

Heading up and supporting international companies for over 30-years, we understand the challenges that constantly disrupt business. Individuals and teams can lose focus of their priorities, resulting in a loss of performance and opportunity.

High performance stems from stakeholder alignment, where everybody is part of an agreed and shared culture, knowing what is important.

Our team have the expertise and know-how in understanding complex and competitive markets. Totally forward-facing, Tardis is uncompromising in developing a vision, strategy and plan that customers will understand, enjoy and share. Pragmatic in our approach, we are passionate about accelerating business and measure our performance against your improved success.

Tardis has managed and supported on:

  • Development of Business Visions
  • Business and Growth Strategy and Planning
  • Business Turnaround
  • Restructuring Programmes
  • Operational Smart-Sizing and Improvements
  • Change & Project Management
  • Product Innovation & Evolution
  • Market Research and Bespoke Intelligence
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Mentoring to support owner managers
  • Non-Executive Director Roles

Talk to us about a Tardis health check. We will identify the challenges your business is facing and come back to you with ideas for improvement. Visit for our full contact details and discover more about our approach, case studies and see what our clients have to say about us.

Our team members
Emma Gannon

Marketing & Sales

Stephen Gannon

Business Process improvements