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The secrets to being a successful consultant

What are the personal qualities of a successful consultant?

Being organised and detailed are at the top of the list, making sure that you comply with all legalities as well as being ready to take every customer from prospecting and marketing through to banking the cheque in payment for the invoice of a job well done.

Here are some of our suggestions about what is needed in order to succeed in creating a portfolio career.

Be self-aware

Firstly, you need to be very self aware, knowing what you do well and where you are likely to fail. It is what we do least well that will lead to errors, flaws and problems.

Use your self awareness to work with your strengths, maximising the benefits they will bring you, and find a way to cover for your weaknesses.

You also will need to have an independent mindset, be resourceful and able to manage on your own with boundless motivation.

Network, network, network

Managing the art of networking, establishing connections with people, building relationships and maintaining your existing network at the same time that you are growing it is vital to provide you with potential new business contacts and to ensure that you are up to date and informed. People are the route to success, so ensure that connectivity is a key part of your plan.

Don’t give up easily

You’ll soon discover that you will need to be tenacious and persistent. You need to be undeterred by obstacles and determined to win through. Bear in mind that it will get easier as the months progress and you establish a track record as your customer base widens. Success will breed success. Remember also that you need to have confidence. Competence breeds confidence and you already know you’re good at what you do otherwise you would not be making the move to becoming a consultant.

You need more than technical competence

You also need to be commercially aware, financially literate and with a good appreciation of risk.

Successful people have a strong intellect and technical competence in their chosen area of specialism, but more important than this is having emotional intelligence. To succeed in a position where you need to be very competent in so many areas, you will need to demonstrate emotional intelligence.

It stands to reason that, if you have this level of mastery and intuitive connection with people and communications, you will be able to develop your portfolio career and succeed as a consultant.

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