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Perhaps one of the most important steps in understanding the key points of what to expect as you embark on your portfolio career is to define it absolutely. The term itself has a few different interpretations available both on and offline, however, the most prevalent and agreed-upon is recognised as a selection of interwoven employment experiences. Professionals may take on short-contract or part-time positions allowing them to subsist as part of a larger tapestry creating a portfolio of work whilst maintaining levels of autonomy that can facilitate great work and life balance. 

This is often an important part of career development, that is also well suited to someone who has other obligations in terms of maybe family, creative projects or private business projects - maybe you’d like to start a restaurant? If you’ve got many aspects of life to manage, a portfolio career can bring in some welcome freedom to your day-to-day grind.  

As someone with experience, you probably know better than most that people aren’t as one-dimensional as some careers may have you believe. This is the epitaph of the portfolio career: a monument to all those multi-faceted professionals with a broad set of skills, interests and experience. By intelligent design, you can shape a portfolio career to help navigate a business climate that rarely sees anyone in possession of a ‘job for life’ anymore.

An important expectation to consider as a Consultant is your financial management. Having an accountant is advisable (particularly as more roles culminate in your portfolio) but you may choose to do it yourself and save some money - however, in both situations, you must calculate your financial break even, how much income will provide security in your life. This is a good starting point to consider the structure of your portfolio and how your different obligations can coalesce if managed well. 

With the responsibilities that come in tow with the role of a Consultant, it is important to ensure you’re swimming with the tide rather than against the current. Make sure you are aware of all of your projects and the time that is needed on each, otherwise you could end up drowning in commitments. Keep your eye on the ball, balance out your work and life, and this can work perfectly for you. Know your aspirations, values and goals so that you can tailor yourself a faultlessly fitting suit of a career to wear every day, comfortably, stylishly and well.

In conclusion, you can facilitate better work and life balance with a portfolio career. You have the ability to enter multiple disciplines, for example - teaching at a university alongside expressing yourself as an artist and also being a Consultant. The key to remember here is that you are in control, make and shape a career that works for you - not the other way around.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in (who wouldn’t want to grasp control of their career and life in this way?) you should register your interest in The Consultant Hub and let us help you take those first, crucial steps towards shaping a portfolio career that is perfect for you.