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In Touch Networks has received further recognition as a specialist group of transformative online networks; having quickly built momentum in the business world by connecting elite professionals and employers, the firm has now been awarded the title of 86th Fastest Growing Company of the Year in the FT 1000, the 23rd ranking position the UK holds on the list.

The latest tour de force In Touch Networks yield into their rapidly growing cabinet of accolades comes from the FT 1000 - an awards programme brought to fruition by the Financial Times - listing the companies from across 31 European countries “that have achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2013 and 2016”[1], with In Touch Networks coming in at +1,296%.

As the technology and ecommerce sectors command the largest proportion of the list, this win represents the culmination of several year’s incredible growth for both In Touch Networks and the industry in adversity of economic uncertainty not only for the UK, but Europe. This can only further define the success of the group, working hard to provide employment to an ever-expanding workforce, at now over 130 employees based in Manchester.

In Touch Networks’ Global CEO, Matthew Roberts, comments on being awarded the title:

“Having only just won Fastest Growing Company of the Year by the Northern Tech Awards, this recognition compounds our presence and expansion within the technology sector in the North, the UK and internationally in Europe.

It is always rewarding to receive such recognition and to be a component of a healthy, recovering economy both at home and further afield. This is an affirmation of our ethos and core values that can be found at the heart of In Touch Networks. We’re immensely proud to be both based in Manchester and a member of the international economy.

What makes this win all the more exciting is that our company is still very young. The future can only hold further growth, supplying not only more employment opportunities, but also innovation to the technology sector and the business world alike.”

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