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You’ve had a well-earned break, batteries are fully recharged and you have a hatful of fabulous ideas to take the business forward. But where should you start, and what to prioritise? 

It can seem daunting returning to the business. You had a clear head while you were away and it was easy mapping out the company’s future - then the clouds descend as the reality of day-to-day issues begin to smother you again. 

The Early Bird… 

First, give yourself a head start: get down to business early the day you return. That will give you some time alone so you can think before others arrive and the daily calls and emails start rolling in. 

Grab an old-fashioned pen and paper and make a note of what you’d like to achieve across the day. Don’t overload yourself, but definitely set a few goals that can be ticked off. 

Set the agenda, get the updates you need from your team and assess what the top priorities are. Don’t neglect to make time to reconnect with your key clients.

The Business Plan  

It is important is that you don’t just pick up where you left off before your summer break. You probably had a mad dash wrapping things up and emptying the Inbox. 

Get back to basics and decide what your priorities are. Revisit your business goals, and identify what needs to happen to achieve continued growth.

It’s a good idea to revisit your original business plan. Have you achieved what you originally hoped for and projected, or have things derailed some of those early ambitions? 

A business plan helps you to refocus. You can map out goals for the coming months, year and even five-year block. 


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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