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You’ve been working in your current 9-5 job for what seems like forever and now you’re ready to branch off on your own and become a Consultant. Whilst freelancing offers a number of advantages over traditional employment, including both greater freedom and greater responsibility how can you be confident that you’re ready to leave the comfort and assurance of your desk job, salary, benefits package and job security behind?

Here are our 10 reasons why you are ready to leave the 9-5; 

1.  You want to be your own boss

What better reason is there to quit your job than to become your own boss? We've all dreamt of the freedom, the flexible hours, the satisfaction of creating something successful. But, so few of us do it because it's a risk. Quitting a corporate job, or one with steady hours and health benefits, in favour of going it alone is tough but the rewards of setting your own work and life balance and not having to report to anyone is a big return.  

2.  You dread going to the office

We all dread having to set that early morning alarm and wake up for that commute into work. For those of us that still like our job, we eventually find the strength to get up and begin our day. However, if you find yourself dreading going to the office & looking for every excuse not to go in, it might be a sign that you are ready to pursue a career on your own terms. Imagine being able to determine what time you start, what projects you work on, the salary you earn and the amount of time you get to spend with loved ones.

3. You are not being challenged enough 

Most of the time, being comfortable in your job is a good thing. It means you have a solid handle on your daily responsibilities and are able to deal with problems without breaking into a sweat. However, there is such a thing as being too comfortable. Everybody wants to feel fulfilled, inspired, and somewhat challenged by their work. Eventually, there will come a point where your job role no longer challenges you and you need to move on. Becoming a Consultant will allow you to utilise your wealth of skills on projects that you are passionate about. In addition, the need to source your own work, persuade people to buy into your services and deliver commendable results can be both challenging yet highly rewarding. 

4. There’s no room for advancement in your current role

Career stagnation can be difficult to deal with. If you’ve been working hard in your current position for years with no possible options, promises or offers of promotion, your job may well be at the end of its life expectancy. Not being given the option for a higher salary can be a major part of leaving a company. If your current boss ignores your questions concerning a pay rise, or the option of a future salary increase has been thwarted, then looking to make your own financial income is more than understandable. 

5. There’s more to life than the office

There’s a lot of value that can be placed on independence and flexibility as a Consultant. Getting to work from home more often - or even remotely - can be empowering and even improve your efficiency. You can spend more time with your family, enjoy your hobbies and passions and nobody will question how long you’ve been away from your desk. You no longer have to worry about commuting times and instead you can use that time productively to work on other projects. Your job is completely flexible all the while making a healthy income. 

6. You know more than your boss

Have you ever looked at your work situation and thought to yourself that you could do a far better job than your boss or that you are far more qualified than the person who manages you? Well, you are not alone. Working under an inexperienced manager can be demoralising, especially when you are well versed on the knowledge that your manager doesn’t have. It can be difficult to further your career when you’re not sure your boss can teach you anything new. This is a clear indicator it’s time for you to consider other options like becoming your own boss and sharing your knowledge with others as a leader, not a follower. 

7. The company culture isn’t a good fit

It's extremely difficult to succeed in an environment - any environment - where you don't share the values of the people and organisation you work with. Alignment with company culture is a key factor in your engagement in the work you do. Therefore, bad culture or cultural misalignment leads to disengagement which can have a big impact on how happy you are working for your organisation and for your boss.

8. You’re unhappy and unfulfilled 

If you find yourself unhappy, stressed or miserable at work you’re not alone.Your own unhappiness at work can take a toll on not only your professional career but your personal life as well. The longer you remain in the workplace - the longer the feelings of negativity will go unchecked and the bigger impact it will take on your mental health. 

9. You find yourself justifying reasons to stay

Self-employment is one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys someone can go on. The paradox to that is it’s common to have doubts about whether making the transition would be a good move from the stability and security of a 9-5. These doubts can lead to justifying reasons to stay in your job, even though you don’t want to. If your reasons for staying rest on the premise that something “might” happen if you stick around - it’s probably not worth it. 

10. Your specialist skills aren’t reaching their potential

Do you ever feel like your skillset is destined for something bigger than the office? Do your colleagues often ask for support? Do people frequently comment on your experience and capabilities? Perhaps you have a blog or frequently post content about a specific subject that others take value from. Your specialist skills are very valuable and you might not be fully utilising their potential in your day job. Utilising this expertise a Consultant you can help you make a living doing what you love and what you’re great at - so why not?