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In Touch Networks is to launch a brand new podcast series - In Touch Talks Business - focused on inspiring and enhancing the careers of senior business professionals.


Led by In Touch Networks Director of Curriculum Development, Amanda Clarke, In Touch Talks Business is set to officially launch on Monday 15th October 2018. A preview of what’s to come is now live across all popular streaming services. 


The podcast will share insights and stories from highly successful business people and has been developed to inspire and enhance the career of those in consultancy, executive and non-executive positions. In the teaser episode, which officially went live today across various platforms, listeners will get a comprehensive insight into what the podcast will cover and will also find out the guests who will feature in the premiere episode.


In Touch Talk Business is just one of many new projects that the company is looking to unveil over the coming months. With numerous accolades obtained throughout 2018, the Manchester-based firm is constantly looking for new ways to evolve the platform, deliver an enhanced user experience and share enriching, informative content with its elite member base.


The full-length edition of the In Touch Talks Business podcast will be available to download from multiple platforms, including iTunes and Spotify, on Monday 15th October 2018 Listen to the preview and subscribe to the podcast now using one of the following links: