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Whether you’re a finance and tax consultant - or on the flipside, a freelancer or company looking for the services of such a consultant - we pride ourselves on eliminating the frustrations you might experience during this process.

From our approachable, dedicated team of professional advisers, we offer personal bespoke ongoing advice and an exclusive jobs board featuring only the most desirable consultancy roles in the UK.

A welcomingly stable number of self-employed people in the UK at 4.8 million means that 14.8% of the UK workforce falls within this sector, according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics). Alongside this, the ONS has released further data indicating that inflation fell from 3% in January to 2.7% in February - with a forecast coming in at 2% by the end of 2018.

Seemingly, self-employment is a lucrative work and lifestyle option being explored by a substantial part of the UK population. With such stability reflected in year on year statistics and considering important tax changes defined in the new Spring Budget (due to come into effect with the new tax year this April), there has never been a more appropriate time to feel secure as a freelancer, whilst revelling in the autonomy and freedom you can enjoy.

Likewise, if you’re a company in need of support, you can feel safe in the knowledge there is a considerable and talented source of consultants we can assist you in accessing. Naturally, these are the two sides of this coin: those in the know, and those that need their assistance. As we approach the new financial year, more businesses - accountancy firms in particular - will be looking to acquire finance and tax consultants who can bring an objective opinion and execute the necessary corporate tax requirements in order to sustain their businesses’ growth and stability.

This year, we’re providing all new members with a dedicated account manager to help them build a compelling profile and offer guidance for their consultancy career. Not only that, in the first week of joining the network you will receive five roles tailored specifically to your skills and expectations and a free networking event of your choice.

In business, there is only one certain trope: It’s not just what you know - but who you know. And we can help with that. Just click here.