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Samantha Nicol is an active member of and Having recently completed the acclaimed Ahead of the Curve development programme, Samantha now feels more mentally prepared and capable than ever before to succeed in her portfolio career. Read on to hear more about her positive experience of being a member of our networks.


Prior to pursuing a portfolio career as a Consultant, Samantha spent 25 years working for the NHS with a core focus on service improvement and change. She was involved in the commissioning of various services and was even the Programme Director for the Lancashire and Cumbria sustainability and transformation plan which aimed to bring public and professional services together. In 2017, Samantha felt that she couldn’t impact the NHS much more than she already had and instead decided to establish her own consultancy business called Connect Disrupt Change. 


When Samantha initially retired from her NHS career she was shocked at how difficult the transition to a portfolio career was. Having spent years in full-time employment, the prospect of no guaranteed work was daunting for Samantha. She knew that she wanted to offer her expertise to businesses in other sectors and help them to change and evolve, but didn’t know the best method of securing roles and building a healthy pipeline of work. Whilst on LinkedIn, Samantha came across an advert for and felt the proposition could support her challenging transition.

In May 2017, Samantha officially became a member of and Samantha felt that she could benefit from some form of mentoring and development to give her more focus and confidence in her future career path. Therefore, towards the end of last year, she made the decision to sign up to our webinar-based development programme, Ahead of the Curve.


Commenting on the seven-week development programme, Samantha said: “Ahead of the Curve was a fantastic experience. I can’t emphasise enough how brilliant it was. The quality of the sessions and the opportunity to contribute and network with other professional has genuinely helped me so much.” Samantha openly admits that prior to joining the course she felt lost and was questioning whether a portfolio career could actually work for her.

She adds: “To be able to network with other professionals that were in the same position as me gave me peace of mind that I wasn’t alone. The course material is fantastic and the way that they conduct the sessions is very personal to each individual. Throughout the programme, I felt like I had a coach who I could share experiences with without feeling stupid. In return, they always offered me practical, actionable advice.”

Having successfully completed the programme this year, Samantha now feels confident in pursuing a consultancy career. She is in the process of updating her CV and profile on the networks to ensure she stands the best possible chances of success. Samantha comments: “I’m definitely ready to start pursuing consultancy and interim work. Often you join a network or sign up to a service, pay your money and then nobody really cares but with In Touch Networks you get to speak to people who are actually committed to helping you to succeed and push you so that you reap the rewards.”

Learn more our acclaimed development programme, Ahead of the Curve, here or sign up to become a member today.