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For our December success story, we interviewed Rico Gusman, a member of Non-Executive Directors and The Consultant Hub to hear why he originally joined the networks and his delight at securing a role which offers more than he anticipated.


Since the age of 16, Rico has worked his way up to Directorship level, originally starting his career as a Junior Designer. Now the Executive Creative Director of his own award-winning design agency, Evolution Squared, his career has gone from strength to strength. The agency has created artwork for high-profile brands such as Disney and O2 and has accumulated a total of six different awards.


Rico was attracted to the idea of earning some extra income in addition to running his agency, he believed that he could pass down his experience and use it to help other businesses to grow and progress. When Rico encountered In Touch Networks, in particular, he felt this could be a great opportunity to explore the possibility of becoming a Non-Executive Director and offering businesses an external perspective. In January 2017, Rico became a member of both and, completing his online profile on both sites and regularly accessing the networks to browse new openings.


Rico was approached by Ross George, who is also a member of the Non-Executive Director network, via an advert on the network about an opening for a Non-Executive Director role. The advert specified that they wanted a Non-Executive Director that could help to setup and launch a startup technology company that specialises in digital signage. Rico applied for the position and soon after was contacted by Ross to discuss his experience and suitability for the position.

Although the advert originally specified that they were looking for a Non-Executive Director, Ross was extremely impressed with Rico’s online portfolio and asked if he would be willing to contribute more to the company on a day-to-day basis. A generous package was originally offered to Rico and following a lengthy discussion, Rico accepted the offer and officially became a part of the startup business.

The company is currently in its pre-investment stage, with business plans and company branding already finalised. Rico was responsible for the branding and even came up with the official company name of Pratexo Digital Limited, which is Latin for ‘screen’, due to the fact that the business specialises in digital screen advertisements. Once the business launches Rico will gain an additional wage, earning significantly more than he ever anticipated before working with In Touch Networks.

When asked why he was inspired to become a part of Pratexo, he said: “When Ross discussed the technology with me I was extremely impressed, their business concept was really interesting, so when Ross suggested the idea of me being a key member of the business day-to-day I couldn’t turn it down. It was completely unexpected and it's quite unbelievable to think that Pratexo Digital Limited has been born from the Non-Executive Director network, without it none of this would have been possible.” 

If you wish to know more about the investment opportunity offered by Pratexo Digital, please visit to request an investors pack.