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The Consultant Hub reviews

The Consultant Hub Reviews

We have more than 10 years’ experience helping Consultants, Contractors and other Freelance professionals with their careers and are extremely proud of our track record. Just take a look at the below reviews from The Consultant Hub members.

The results have been phenomenal, I receive relevant notices for my profile, these include private placements by head hunters as well as advertised roles. As a successful CEO and Entrepreneur we as a breed are not the easiest to please, I have been delighted with my investment in the network and would not hesitate to highly recommend you do the same.

Alan Ball
Private Equity & Venture Capital

I joined The Consultant Hub - I have been a Freelance HR Consultant since 2014, working with mainly SME's across East Anglia. I'm excited to be part of this network!

Edwina Brewster
HR Consultant

I am making some progress, enjoying the journey and slowly carving out new things to be doing in my ‘semi-retired’ status on top of existing Associateships. Thank you – I’m finding out about opportunities I wouldn’t see easily anywhere else.

Jane Phillipson
Management Consultant

A fantastic network of consultants.

Jahan Harron
Management Consultant

I am new to the network; I found the 3 modules presentation very useful, certainly has made me more aware of expectations and the modern approach for CV creation. Thanks, much appreciated.

Kulwant Chahal
Marketing Consultant

I have used The Consultant Hub for some time now but as my skill set is particularly niche I have found very few opportunities that match my experience. However, recently I was approached through your Hub by a company that was looking for just such a person as I and I must say that it is extremely unlikely that I would have found them using my own resources. They have since given me several assignments and I am hopeful that a medium to long-term relationship may develop in the future.

Michael Baker

I am quite excited about joining The Consultant Hub. Having spent the last 15 or so years as an independent IT freelancer in many and varied organisation and geographical locations, one tends to plough quite a solitary furrow. So the prospect of regularly interacting with like-minded individuals and the opportunity to be involved in networking session organised can only be a positive move. I am particularly looking forward to being involved in the networking events as I see these, not only as a great opportunity to meet and connect with many people from a wide varied background but also thus could become a great source of new business.

Andrew Walton
IT Consultant

Talk to your account manager at - I found mine useful in putting together my personal profile and CV.

John Biscomb
Management Consultant

Thank you for all your wonderful help and support in creating my Consultant online profile and my Non-Exec Directors online profile. I am very proud of both my profiles as they both represent my Consultancy and Non-Exec Director business services, I have enormous confidence and belief that prospective clients will be very impressed with my profile and will hire me to support them in transforming their businesses.

James Bradbury

It's a pleasure to stay in contact with like minded people and learn from their experience.

Alexa Smith

I have recommended the platform to various contacts and its speed and success are unquestioned. This is a "game changer" in the world of recruitment.

Peter Diver

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